Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mobile phones adsense keyword list

If you want to write content on mobile phones,copy and paste the following mobile phones keywords in your webpage content to bring more targetted traffic.Here is the list from google adword keyword selector tool on mobile phones. These mobile phones keywords are the most popular with huge search volume.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Choosing Google Adsense Keywords - Simple and Easy

Getting on the bandwagon for profits and increasing your website traffic in the balance might sound like an easy task, but in reality very few marketers are able to be successful on their own without some advice, guidance and shortcuts. Finding and implementing high profit, low competition keywords in your ads really is the trick for making Adsense payoff big.
On the opposite spectrums of Adsense are huge possible profits and low competition keywords for your ads - to substantial expenses and lost revenues, simply from not having up front information to utilize. Adsense for many is an expense and painful lesson in "what not to do". However, InternetMarketingUSA offers a handful of straightforward approaches, designed to provide you with a easily followed roadmap of ideas to get you going on the right path.
Background Research - Worth Its Weight in Gold: Absolutely critical in developing an Adsense campaign is to research some keywords for your niche that have a high CPC (Cost Per Click) value. A handy tool available for free to accomplish this is to use Google Adwords keyword tool or another tool that will give you a multitude of keyword lists designed specifically for your niche market. To simplify keeping up with these later, you should consider saving the keywords into a program or application (I find Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to be excellent for this purpose. However; a basic word processing document will functionally work also). This makes it easy to copy and paste the keywords into Google's Traffic Estimator in your Adwords account. The estimator will give you the approximate clicks per day and the average cost per click (CPC) for each keyword. With this information, it is then easy enough to copy/paste this information back to your spreadsheet file for later reference.
Determine your Maximum Earning Per Click: To determine your maximum EPC, multiply the average CPC by 30% to get an estimate of your maximum earnings per click. The higher the average CPC, the more likely the CPC for the 2nd - 8th positions are high as well. You want this higher average CPC to start because if the CPC starts to drop off significantly after the 3rd position, your chance of getting high click earnings as an Adsense publisher will be diminished.
Determine Desired CPC - Based on Individual Strategy (and budget)Use any one of many tools available on the internet for helping to estimate the 1st - 8th position CPC values. These tools will estimate the CPCs for each position and allow you to see how much the CPCs drop off after the first position. This dramatically helps your analysis for picking the most profitable keywords. If the CPC values stay close to the each other and to the value of the first position, then you will more than likely have a profitable keyword.
Test Google for Position LocationNow that the ads have been established it is time to check your exact position in the search engines. To determine which Adsense ads occupy which positions. You can do this by searching on Google for your keyword and looking to see which Adsense ads are generated in the search results and in which order they are. A second method for this determination is to use the Adwords Accelerator tool itself. It has a feature whereby Adwords ads are dynamically displayed for a given keyword you input into the tool to check. If the Adwords advertiser has used "Adwords for Content" in his advertising, these ads will be the Adsense ads someone else is displaying on their website.
Compare Initial ResultsCompare the ads you found in the previous step to the results of using a keyword check function tool (available on the internet). If the advertisers you find by doing this closely match those you found above, you will more than likely have a profitable keyword.
If the advertisers are not he same, then the advertiser is possibly not using the "Adwords for Content" mode of advertising in his campaigns. This means that the keyword may not be the basis for the Adsense ads and may not be profitable.
Determine Your Profits and Determine Cost Per Click Data for EnhancementsIf you decide to get traffic using the Adwords approach, then just use the keywords in your Adsense ads that scored well from the prior evaluation. Then, use lower cost per click keywords in your Adwords ads. The difference between the earnings from the click you get on your Adsense word from the cost of the click you pay on your Adwords word will be your profit.
Combining these techniques with your search engine optimization techniques will go a long way towards ensuring you get traffic to the website. Once there, make sure the keywords you choose have the highest KEI possible. KEI is the ratio of the number of searches for a keyword to the number of competing sites having the keyword. The combination of a high KEI and a high score from the above evaluation will yield the best profit results, greatest amount of traffic, increased revenues and minimal expense.

Monday, January 21, 2008

american singles keywords

These american singles keywords can be used for top paying google adsense websites.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

adsense golf keywords

golf clubs
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

valentines day keywords

i love you
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Monday, January 14, 2008

games adsense keyword suggestions

Here is a full list of google adsense keywords on games.
free games
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

ipod adsense keywords

buy nano
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sms keyword suggestions

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Keyword ideas on jokes!

Here is the full list of the most popular adsense jokes keywords.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

laptop data recovery keywords

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singles in las vegas adsense keywords

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